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Stay Tuned for new videos and Upper Bay tournament coverage this year Help the kids and military free baits programs by clicking through this link before buying tackle,

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Come join us in the new forums for more current tips,tackle discounts, and videos. Easy and quick picture,report and video uploads. Special offers for members Just click the Facebook icon anywhere on the site There are more Spring Bass Fishing tips in the form of articles and short video tips for all over the country. Detailed tips and articles are available on each technique and bait in both video and written form. The Bass fishing tips cover small ponds to giant lakes and rivers. 

Bass fishing videos, bass fishing tackle, and bass fishing tips, are just some of the things provided by the Bass College members and staff. We also offer  help in our forums from guides and professional anglers. We go the extra mile to provide you with the tools to catch more and bigger bass in tournaments, trophy hunting, or just for fun. Stop in the new bass fishing forums 24/7 and get instant responses to questions, and find out how to get free baits with Tackle Warehouse orders.  Complete tournament coverage of all minor and major events and local tournaments. We have tackle discounts and free bait offers to kids, military, fire and police. Membership is free! Please consider donating whatever you can to these programs to help the kids and military. To find out more click on the donations link on the left or visit the new forums